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                                                             Site Rules  read this shit before you join

This is not a dating site its all homemade porn if your here for hookups wrong place dont join.

1 must be 18 or older

2 be a poster not Lurker a lurker is typically a member of an online community who observes, but does not actively participate. 

3 rate and comment pics and vids

4 no child porn

5 no spamming my shit or ill ban your ass

6 post some good shit no fake shit

7 sharing is caring

8 dont join and not come check in for 30 days you will be deleted

9 dont be a snitch or bitch ass pussy

10 the joker is the boss respect me or ill remove you.

11 no posting personal details like addresses or telephone numbers social networks links or names  or last names or any places where they can be found or contacted


13 if you break these rules will be banned as soon as i found any this shit

14 must post avatar  if not done will get 24 hrs and will be deleted without warning.

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101 dating guide the best dating website reviews
101 dating guide is a new dating guide with reviews of dating sites sorted by niches.